Further to the Rudy Eugene moral panic

Remember the Florida Zombie? How he attacked another man and chewed his face off and everyone said it was because he was off his nut on bath salts? And how there’s now a federal bill to ban bath salts going through congress in the USA?.

They released the toxicology report on Eugene this morning. Only marijuana was found in the guy’s system.

Fuck you, police. Fuck you, media. Fuck you, everyone who contributed to this moral panic that has effectively deflected attention away from the real problem which is the USA’s crumbling support infrastructure and how events like this are on the increase not because of some demonic new drug but because people are falling faster and faster through the cracks. The safety net is disintegrating and desperate people are not getting help, and bath salts are not to blame for this. Drug misuse is a symptom of the problem, not the cause. Kapisch?

Jeez. Damn right I’m angry.

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