We believe that:

Prohibition of drugs has been a complete failure, and has caused more problems than it has solved.

Drug misuse is a health issue and should not be treated as a criminal issue.

Legislation should not be based in moral absolutes, but should draw on evidence to inform both law and policy.

There are many more people using drugs responsibly than there are people misusing them.

Individuals should be free to choose to use a mind-altering substance if they so wish. What happens in a person’s mind is not a government responsibility.

People who use drugs as part of a normal, successful lifestyle are forced to hide their drug use because declaring themselves risks the loss of that lifestyle. This potential loss has nothing to do with the drug use, and everything to do with the criminalisation of drug use.

Stories of people who use drugs and have no problems do not get publicised, leading to an assumption by the non-drug-using public that drugs cause problems for the majority of users.

While the harms related to drug misuse are well documented, there is little focus on the benefits of drug use.

We would like to:

Provide a voice for people who use drugs as part of a normal, successful lifestlye, to talk rationally about their drug use:

  • What responsible drug use looks like.
  • How drug use has affected their life.
  • How the criminalisation of their drug use has affected them.
  • How they think the drugs debate should be approached.

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  1. allyn says:

    an article that i found interesting… http://www.physorg.com/news178315435.html

    “Drug users are well informed about the harms associated with the drugs they use, and perceive alcohol and tobacco to be amongst the most dangerous substances…”

  2. allyn says:

    another article, this one regarding changing attitudes, specifically among women. and how that is impacting the decriminalization movement.


  3. Thanks Allyn, will get around to incorporating those posts into one of our own soon.

  4. allyn says:

    i’m sure you’ll be reading about this soon, but in case you haven’t see it yet


  5. allyn says:

    quote from an interview with Ethan Nadelmann …

    If you could ask 1 million people to all do 1 thing to advance your cause or causes, what would it be?

    Come out of the closet about your drug use. Drug war propaganda demonizes and dehumanizes people who use drugs. Let your fellow citizens – your colleagues, your friends, and your family – know the real face of the American drug user.
    We need credible people, especially public figures, to stand up and say, “I contribute to society, I work hard, I love my family, and I am an otherwise law-abiding citizen – but I do not believe that people should be treated as criminals simply because of what they put into their bodies. This law is wrong.”
    The war on drugs is really a war on people. Roughly half of all Americans have used an illegal drug, and the last three U.S. presidents have all used illegal drugs – in fact President Obama was quite candid about his marijuana and cocaine use. Would Obama, and our country, be better off if he had been arrested?
    Think about someone you know who has used an illegal drug. Then ask yourself: would that person be better off in prison? Would that person be more likely to have become a productive member of society if they were stripped of their freedom, their property, their children, and their job?
    Once the silent majority of illegal drug users begin to speak out, the stereotypes that drive the drug war will be impossible to sustain. The vast majority of Americans who use drugs illegally are doing no harm to anyone else, and in most cases are doing no harm to themselves. None of us deserve to be treated as criminals or locked up in a cage.


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